Kids Know How to Pray

child's folded hands

At the International Conference on Missions each year, I host the Say Yes To Japan exhibit to promote our Japan missionaries. Many exhibits give out candy or pens. I got into the pattern of giving out little souvenirs from the Japanese 100-yen store. I bag each item with a card that shows my website. People love the selection and being…

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St. Teresa of Avila

People ask what names to look for in spotting iffy teaching. Medieval mystic St. Teresa of Avila is one. No judgment is being made on Teresa’s motives/sincerity. But her encounters with what she thought was Jesus were disturbing, erotic, dark—more indicative of demonic mischief. Tim Challies’s article is a concise look at Teresa’s spirituality. (Be sure to see the quote…

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Thin Place? Thin Ice.

cosmic-new age image

In recent years, some Christian writing speaks of a “thin place”: “The constant repetition of [Jesus’] name clears my head. . . . I am able to create what the ancient Celtic Christians called ‘the thin place’ . . . that spiritual condition wherein the separation between the self and God becomes so thin that God is able to break…

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Uh . . . We’re Not Habakkuk

journaling hands

I was disappointed in an old blog post of Pastor Rick Warren’s. He makes a parallel between the prophet Habakkuk and us—basically conveying that since Habakkuk wrote down messages from God, God will speak to us in the same way he spoke to Habakkuk, and we should write down the messages we receive. In fairness, an even older Habakkuk-mentioning post…

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“Ask God to Tell You?”

Watch for enticements that pull away from God’s Word and lure us with the more “exotic.” I’m speaking of the current emphasis on trying to initiate special revelations and visitations from the Lord. Consider these true scenarios (my thoughts in brackets). The little kids’ Sunday school lesson says, “Ask God to tell you who you should forgive.” [Uh . .…

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