Dr. Jack Cottrell

Dr. Jack Cottrell tackles difficult topics with scholarly expertise and verbal precision—in a simple way that everyone can understand.


Tim Challies

Tim Challies has strong-but-kind reviews of controversial Christian books.


Got Questions?

Got Questions? is a 101-level site about theology topics, world religions, and more.


Cold Case Christianity

J. Warner Wallace, a former atheist and a cold-case homicide detective, applies his cool investigative skills to examining the Bible and the claims of Christianity. Books, study guides, videos—even lots of free material.


Josh McDowell

I respect Josh McDowell so much! His Evidence That Demands a Verdict was hugely important to me back in the day. In Japan, my husband Mark taught college students from the Japanese translation of More Than a Carpenter. I mostly point people to his apologetics material, but his site has other great information too.


Diane Stortz

Diane Stortz says her life began to change when she began to read the Bible—“the whole Bible”—for herself. She helps children (and their moms and dads) get to know God’s Word in order to get to know God.


Gary Gilley

Gary Gilley (Think on These Things) addresses theology topics, does book reviews, etc.


Lighthouse Trails Research Project

Lighthouse Trails is a comprehensive place to zero in on direct quotes from numerous writers/speakers.


Christiain Answers for the New Age

Marcia Montenegro, a former dabbler in all sorts of wild stuff, explores and exposes false teaching.


Apologetics Index

Apologetics Index provides info on “religious cults, sects, new religious movements, and alternative religions.”


Ravi Zacharias Ministries

Ravi Zacharias. “Helping the thinker believe. Helping the believer think.” Various lectures that come from an apologetics standpoint.


Mama Bear Apologetics

These ladies equip moms to rise up strong to spiritually nurture and protect kids—with the same intensity a mama bear has in guarding her young against enemies.


The Bold Movement

This ministry (motto: Fluff is for pillows not women’s ministry) began when the founder couldn’t locate a Christian woman who felt confident in her understanding of Scripture. Site links to Bible studies and to a number of apologetics resources.


Stand to Reason

Excellent training in careful reasoning and well thought-out answers for public discussion. High standards for truth while also valuing “faithfulness over results.” Search by category.