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Devotions by Dead People: Secrets of Life from Beyond the Grave

Devotions by Dead People bookThese 50 startling accounts reveal life lessons from long-gone, famous and infamous Bible characters. Read their last words, their causes of death, bizarre facts, statistics, modern-day epitaphs. You’ll bump into: Moses (Abra Cadaver), Athaliah (Black Widow), Enoch (The Undead), Esther (If Looks Could Kill) . . . and more. “A devotion book that’s a real page turner!”

Though this book has been discontinued by the publisher, it is still available online. But if you can’t find it, contact me.

Debt Free College—We Did It!

(The God Factor in Avoiding Student Loans)cover of "Debt Free College" book

A candid, fun, and motivational true story of what happened when five students said no to student loans and let the cards fall. As my older son said, “We shouldn’t have to prove this plan works, but we have proved it.”

Available at various online stores; read an excerpt at Barnes & Noble (click on image).


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Spiritual Warfare: How the Occult Is Infiltrating the Church (Video interview)


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