Lectio Divina

statue of angel reading Bible

From several years back, lectio divina was pushed in small groups as THE way to read the Bible. The term is Latin and means “divine reading.” Groups may each be…

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Got Knowledge?

man reading book outside

God often spells out his superiority to and authority over pagan gods and false beliefs. The Bible is full of references like “don’t you know” and “that you might know.”…

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Funny False Teaching

Doctor's note diagnosing God with alzheimer's and infertility

This blog addresses serious theological problems, including when people deliberately confuse all kinds of Bible teaching. But there are times when we accidentally misstate things. Here are some examples found…

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Bookstore Browse

books on shelves

February 2021. I wandered through four bookstores to see how religious books were displayed, how Christian books showed up in those. In one store I didn’t even have to get…

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