Why This Blog?

I grew up in Kentucky, swinging on grapevines and eating wild-grape juice pie. Once I got my hands on a typewriter, I started creating humor pieces for my high school newspaper. Later I published articles about the Bible and the Christian life, and created Sunday school lessons for mysterious-and-terrific beings known as junior high kids. Today, when I’m not reading theology, apologetics, and spooky stuff, a collection of Agatha Christie paperbacks keeps my little gray cells active. I’ve always been drawn to the deep, the dark, and the funny.

DEEP. The Bible is simultaneously simple and deep. The more you dig in, the more you realize (and can prove) that it’s TRUE every way you slice it. Even as a child, I loved the scary, so-called “God of the Old Testament.” I couldn’t understand why I should be afraid of being on the same side as this perfect and powerful commander. There’s a confidence in knowing and working for the Lord Almighty. (“If God is for us, who can be against us?”—Romans 8:31)

DARK. An occult encounter in childhood gave me an unsettling awareness of the enemy’s hate for us all, his deceptive/seductive ways. I’ve studied the occult (as well as the cults, world religions, and the New Age) my whole life.

FUNNY. As a child I was scolded more than once for giggling in church. Guess it’s not always safe to see humor in everything, huh. But I thrive on mishaps, parodies, stumbles/falls, cross-cultural blunders, editorial bloopers . . . . I consider a sense of humor to be my top spiritual gift.

People I’ve talked with over the years indicate an interest in going deeper into Scripture. And I also encounter a dangerous naiveté about the darkness. Posts on those topics are meant to inform; the funny posts provide a little comic relief amid all the seriousness.

More About Lynn

After graduating from Cincinnati Christian University, she and her husband (the late Mark Pratt) spent 10 years in campus ministry in Japan and started the Machida (Tokyo) Church of Christ. Lynn continues to advocate for Japan missions through Say Yes To Japan from her home in Cincinnati, where she has a tendency to sing alto and kill houseplants.

She’s crazy about her three kids, daughter-in-law, and three grandkids—who naturally provide her with some great material.