Checked Your MQ (Money Quotient) Lately?


I don’t consider myself a money expert. And yet . . . Books by money management experts usually haven’t proven very useful to me. You see, I’ve been reduced to absolute zero twice in my adult life, and the books seemed to be written by people who didn’t really know what that was like. For example, there was advice to…

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Stop the Student Loan Madness!

cover of "Debt Free College" book

I heard several sad reports in March 2018 about ever-increasing problems related to student loan debt. The amount of debt seems worse and worse, graduates wanting to declare bankruptcy . . . I’ve been shouting the solution for a long time: don’t apply for student loans in the first place! (Think about it. What sense does it make to give…

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Defying the Dark Side

Worried about finances? The enemy likes to have us wringing our hands. Instead, get mad! Go overboard to defy him. My personal example is from a time when we had so very little. Yes, I agonized and wilted. But a few times I told myself the truth: How can I expect others to believe the Lord provides abundantly, if I don’t?…

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