Worldviews 101

In my post “Worldview—3 Choices” I’d described a simple way to understand the basic worldviews (natural, supernatural, mystical). To discuss this and related subjects with your small group, I’m providing a handout that you can print and use. As Christians are tempted by elements of other religions and try to merge those into Christianity, it’s important to grasp that there…

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The Trouble with Thomas

lotus vs cross

A number of Christian writers/speakers steer us to follow Thomas Merton. As a matter of fact, a number of Protestants visit his monastery on a sort of spiritual pilgrimage. Some of Merton’s quotes seem harmless enough—like this one: “Love is our true destiny.” But why don’t the writers/speakers who mention him tell us that Merton’s core theology isn’t Christian and,…

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Ultimate Evidence

evolving man with question mark

“Ultimate Evidence.” That was the claim in the heading of the Ancient Aliens episode on the History channel. They’ve been studying why there’s such a “sudden jump” in the evolutionary chain between apes and men. And why no missing link is to be found. And why our “language gene” that is so superior seems to have no source of origin.…

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Worldview—3 Choices

Though there are different ways to categorize the worldviews, I like this very basic “circles” one. It can easily be drawn on a napkin to explain to friends.   1) NATURAL (atheist). Draw one circle. All that exists is the physical universe; no creator God, angels, Heaven, life after death.     2) SUPERNATURAL (Christian, Jewish, Muslim). Draw two circles.…

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