The Wind Phone

In May of 2017 I learned about the wind phone. It’s a phone booth with an unconnected phone, located in Japan in the area of the earthquake-tsunami-nuclear disaster of 2011. This “wind phone” (kaze no denwa) was actually installed before the disaster, by a man who was trying to cope with the loss of a cousin. After the disaster, though,…

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4 Ds on Prayer

Matthew 20:29-34 is about the blind men who asked Jesus for help (and the crowd told them to shut up!). My commentary said the blind men were “desperate, determined, and demanding” and that the enormity of their request was no “deterrent” to Jesus. I like all those Ds as an outline to remember, regarding prayer. The commentator included these words,…

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Teresa of Avila—a Master of Prayer?

Theresa of Avila statue

Philip Yancey’s book Prayer: Does It Make Any Difference? (2006, Zondervan), sadly, steers us to medieval mystic Teresa of Avila for guidance regarding our prayer lives. He praises her as “one of the masters of prayer.” (p. 184) And he states that she wrote “one of the most exhaustive books on prayer ever written.” (p. 323) Sounds like someone to…

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