Recognizing Sorcery

pentagram type drawing

I wonder, do we understand what sorcery is—and that it’s forbidden? There are Christians who, for example, try to exercise supernatural power by praying inside a magick circle. It’s interesting that one of the children in The Silver Chair (of C. S. Lewis’s Narnia series) was savvy about this. Jill and Eustace were wondering if there was a way to…

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Columbus Monthly (OH) magazine (July 2016 issue) had a story about a reiki center. Among other “professional therapies” offered at that location were “shamanic services.” Shamanism is defined by Webster’s as: “religion . . . characterized by belief in an unseen world of gods, demons, and ancestral spirits responsive only to the shaman.” It’s interesting that reiki practitioners (including ones…

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Ancient Christian Practice

“Ancient Christian practice.” This term is showing up in lots of Christian literature to get us to accept whatever “practice” is being described. The truth is that sometimes what’s being discussed isn’t an ancient Christian practice at all but, rather, an ancient PAGAN practice that some ancient Christians foolishly adopted. Trace the spiritual family trees of the authorities being referenced.…

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Reiki on the Sly

"reiki" in Chinese characters

I discuss reiki from time to time. But I really recommend doing your own further research. You’re gonna need more information than just “My friend says.” This will get you started . . . Reiki practitioners supposedly channel the “universal life force” into the patient. Though some promoters deny a spiritual context, others openly acknowledge that the practice is spiritual.…

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