Ouija Angel Boards

“Well, would you try to Christianize a Ouija board?”

When I’ve asked that question, heads start shaking no, as anticipated. I use that question because most Christians know enough about the Ouija board not to even consider using it in relation to the Lord Almighty. Whereas, an object or practice that is new (or at least unfamiliar) to us can seem harmless—and Christianize-able (or able to be used in a “neutral” way)—even when its Eastern or occult origin is somewhat revealed. So helping people picture such a ridiculous thing as a Christian version of the Ouija board has helped them see that they should use a little more discernment (and do some research) about various other things that appear on the scene.

At least, that’s what I thought.

Sadly, my question may be pretty much out the window. Because on the market (and apparently for some time now) are boards that are takeoffs of the Ouija board. They’re called angel boards and other names. You can buy one. But there are also instructions online for making your own. Here’s one example. And you don’t even have to wait till the homemade board is finished before you can be involved in the sorcery of using it. The creation of the board itself involves sorcery: you burn some sage or a white candle, opt for white cardboard because white is “a divine aura color” . . . To use, you focus on positive things, ask the angels a question, and they will guide the “oracle” (the little piece that moves) to give your answer. And be sure and thank the angels for their time.

Promoters are quick to say that these are NOT the same thing as Ouija boards. That Ouija boards can be icky and can be used to talk to demons. Not so with the angel board, they say—it’s all positive and good. But critics correctly point out that this is just a Ouija board in disguise.

With either kind of board, users who get an answer believe they’ve connected with legit sources from the spirit world. And when they get a “positive” message, they don’t believe it could have come from a bad place. They’ve forgotten that Satan gave Eve a positive message (Genesis 3:4). And Satan even quoted Scripture when he spoke to Jesus (Matthew 4:1-11).

Does anyone pause to consider what evidence there is that the angels authorized this kind of board as a communication device? A legit angel would tell us that we’re forbidden from trying to communicate with anyone in the spirit world except for the Lord Almighty himself. And the Lord himself has told us how to do that: we just pray. If we’re not happy with how he wants things done . . . well, that’s a problem.


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2 thoughts on “Ouija Angel Boards

  1. I clicked on the link you supplied to a site that has instructions to make the “angel boards”. At that site there was a page listing “15 Angel Books” being touted including one written by Billy Graham. I’ve never read it. I’m sure it was included in the list to camouflage the evil. But I do think Graham went off the rails in later years.

    6. Angels: Ringing Assurance that We Are Not Alone
    By: Billy Graham
    4.7 out of 5 stars
    400+ customer reviews

    This wonderful angel book was written by the Reverend Billy Graham and focuses on the angels that are referenced in the Bible.

    This is a great choice for beginners and those who are interested in the more “famous” angels, or those who would enjoy biblical references. Written in an easy to understand, down-to-earth manner, it also features humans experiences with angelic beings.

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