The Enneagram—A Quick Look

The promotion of Enneagram in the church has increased steadily. I’ll go into this topic in depth later, but I wanted to at least post this alert:

Let’s not swallow the Enneagram trend without a bit of discernment.


The article “What Christians Should Know” (August 2018) shows the Enneagram is associated with these:

  • occult/pagan origins
  • the idea of finding secrets of the universe through astrology and numerology
  • trance with supposed angel manifestation

Compare some of the wording there against what’s in this article written by promoters.

The person most responsible for popularizing (“Christianizing”?) the Enneagram in recent times is Richard Rohr, an interspiritualist. A Rohr disciple, Chris Heuertz, has also written a number of books.

Bottom line: When a program wraps itself in religious terminology like sacred, the kingdom is inside you, divine love, path to God, soul, spiritual growth, ancient wisdom, find our way home, holy ideas . . . but it’s not based on God’s Word/Christianity . . . think about it.

No really. Think about it.


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