Psychic Kids?

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Hadn’t heard of the TV series Psychic Kids. Happened onto one episode and watched. The two mentors had had psychic abilities themselves as kids. And now grown, they were helping two kids who reported seeing scary spirits and were terrified. The children’s biggest fear was that these spirits intended to harm them at some point.

Though the assumed goal would have been for these mentors to determine who/what these spirits were (as well as their intentions), the mentors began by acknowledging and praising the children’s “profound abilities.”

The mentors then walked the children through areas of their houses where manifestations had occurred and asked the children to describe what they were sensing or seeing. The children were also taken to completely different locations (where other people had reported strange occurrences) and were asked to describe anything they sensed. The children seemed to accurately perceive past events that had taken place there.

Other points that stood out from this episode:

  • The lady mentor, on her way to meet the little girl for the first time, had not wanted to be given information about the child beforehand. Rather, she preferred to psychically perceive the situation. She said, “I receive what I’m meant to know to help someone.”
  • The little girl was told by her mentor that spirits never harm. And the child relayed that information to her kid brother.
  • The man mentor wanted to equip the little boy to “face the spirits” in his room. The lady had a similar goal: wanting to help the little girl “be in control” in these situations.
  • The lady talked a lot about “energy” and instructed the little girl how to focus and channel/direct energy: “Touch the top of your head and ask white light to come all the way down.”
  • Both mentors led the children to directly address spirits and ask questions of the spirits to try and learn more.
  • The man mentor showed the little boy various photos and asked the child what he was picking up on. The child then assumed a specific position for a few seconds (eyes closed, palms up; presumably taught by the mentor)—after which he correctly stated some facts about the people pictured.
  • At the end of the show, both children were more relaxed, not scared. The little boy believes the spirit in his bedroom is that of his dead grandpa, and he’s now comforted by that. The kids ended everything by being proud of their “abilities” (and the parents were super proud too, and relieved). It was obvious that they would be trying to further develop these psychic skills.

Yikes almighty! Instead of being warned never to try and communicate with supposed spirits, instead of the mentors’ asking the Lord Jesus to remove demonic manifestations/interference/oppression…these children were taught to welcome all spirits, try to communicate with them, and practice fine-tuning their “abilities.”

Lord, help us!


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