Who’s Influencing Whom?

In March 2018, I learned of a ministry in Australia called Christalignment. They go to New Age conventions and set up booths to attract the New Age people . . . and then introduce them to the Lord. But they’re being criticized for the services they offer.

tarot cardsThey have cards that appear similar to tarot cards (though some have Scriptures?). And readings are done with these cards—just as would be done with tarot cards. Staff members also interpret dreams. But their site clarifies: “We do not interpret black and white dreams as these are coming to you from a much lower realm.” Staffers will “ask the spirit about the message being sent to you.”

Several aspects of this ministry sound decidedly New Age/occult. (Hence the criticism.)

Giving Christalignment every benefit of the doubt, motive-wise, there are serious questions about (1) the content of their practices and (2) the wrong impression conveyed to New Age nonbelievers (and to naïve Christians)—that Christianity operates along the lines of sorcery/divination. It feels to me as if saying, “See, no need to give up tarot cards [for example]. Just switch to a Christianized equivalent.”

A subplot is that the founders of this ministry are related to a staffer at Bethel Church, Redding CA. When fans of Bethel were upset with Bethel’s leaders for the association, Bethel issued a disclaimer that Christalignment is not an official ministry of Bethel. I’m puzzled by Bethel’s effort to distance themselves from Christalignment. After all, Bethel has made the news with the glitter that they claim God is dropping from Heaven. Not to mention grave soaking and other . . . um, interesting practices.

Bottom line: The confusion increases on what’s Christian and what isn’t. Please, no comments slamming anyone. I’m saying that we, the church, must watch our own drift, being more savvy and on alert against exotic-but-false promises of cosmic knowledge and power. Remember, believers already have TRUE knowledge and power. (Ex: Psalm 18:30; 111:10; Ephesians 3:14-21) Let’s live in—and share—that!

This article further critiques Christalignment: “What is Christalighment and Destiny Cards?”


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