The Cemetery


There is definitely something odd going on at the Peaceful Acres Cemetery. I had driven there with Aunt Ellen, who was feeling poorly and thought a nice ride through the cemetery might help. (Don’t ask.) Just inside the front gate was a memorial stone of a life-size Jesus, arms outstretched. As we got closer, I noticed that the thing on…

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Christianity—All or Nothing

sale table at New Age bookstore

R. C. Foster (1888–1970) was describing atheists and liberal Christians who are willing to borrow from the Sermon on the Mount but want to isolate some of those maxims from foundational teachings like the deity of Jesus, the atonement, etc. But Foster reminds us that the Sermon on the Mount “is founded on the rock of Jesus’ divine person” and…

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Don’t Wake Up with Double Petunia

drooping petunia

It was pointed out to me how Satan—during the temptation of Jesus recorded in Matthew 4—pulled a bit of Scripture out of context to suit his purposes. He quoted Psalm 91:11, 12 to encourage Jesus to jump; after all, “it is written” that angels would come and catch him. But read all of Psalm 91. Among other things, we see…

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A God Problem?

smiling black woman

A friend I’ll call Meeka is a sassy black lady. She’s the rare type of person who can speak her mind bluntly and get away with it. Very open about her faith. One day a friend said, “Meeka, I don’t get how you just talk, sorta face-to-face, right to your God. I could never do that with my God.” Meeka…

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Who’s Influencing Whom?

tarot cards

In March 2018, I learned of a ministry in Australia called Christalignment. They go to New Age conventions and set up booths to attract the New Age people . . . and then introduce them to the Lord. But they’re being criticized for the services they offer. They have cards that appear similar to tarot cards (though some have Scriptures?).…

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