Christian Whatever?

I’ve written or talked with people about so-called Christian reiki and Christian yoga. We read about Christian Zen (contemplative prayer/mantra meditation), Christian visualization, Christian mindfulness, Christian labyrinth experience, Christian witches, Christian soul retrieval . . .

We don’t seem to be grasping the seriousness of intentionally adopting Eastern/pagan practice and trying to Christianize it. To put it bluntly, most of us are pretty naive—and don’t quite get why the Lord called the false religions “detestable,” why they’re insulting to him. Perhaps we should imagine ourselves back in Bible times and trying to defend, say, a Christian Asherah pole, Christian temple prostitutes, Christian Baal statues in the sanctuary, Christian sorcery materials, Christian child sacrifice . . .

“OK, hold it,” critics might say. “We’re not gonna do anything like THAT!” But surely that was exactly the initial sentiment of the Israelites during the reign of the kings, and of the New Testament Christians who had to be warned about accepting “another Jesus” and “another gospel.” They obviously thought that the mingling of God’s way with a few forbidden ways was “not that big a deal. Lighten up!” But these things progress. Look where such mingling took the Israelites (2 Chronicles 36:14-20).

I heard an illustration in defense of Christianized practices. Something like, “Just because Hindus eat breakfast doesn’t mean that Christians have to give up breakfast.” That’s a wonky parallel. Breakfast is not a religious practice (though Cracker Barrel’s biscuits are heavenly). We’re talking about practices that originate in Eastern/pagan religion and are Enemy-designed to replace God’s pure truth. This is done by luring us further into those systems and away from God—one “harmless” step at a time.

Bottom line: Look at expert evidence, not personal feelings or pride. If whatever teaching/practice under discussion isn’t Christian, it can’t be a Christian whatever.


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