“Until You Reached This Place”

handwritten scripture

The year was 2000. My husband, Mark, had quit his job (partly at my insistence) because he was literally pacing the floor in his desperation to get back to Japan (where we’d been missionaries years before). The Japan plan wasn’t clear. The financial plan even less clear. But the motive was pure. And…well, some things ya just gotta do. We…

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Dark Night of the Soul

The phrase “dark night of the soul” is usually quoted in association with St. John of the Cross. But he didn’t mean just going through a tough time. It’s a level/stage/time in contemplative prayer (mantra meditation) and/or possibly in the general contemplative life. Supposedly one has to pass through this to reach the goal: union with the divine (that is,…

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Christian Whatever?

I’ve written or talked with people about so-called Christian reiki and Christian yoga. We read about Christian Zen (contemplative prayer/mantra meditation), Christian visualization, Christian mindfulness, Christian labyrinth experience, Christian witches, Christian soul retrieval . . . We don’t seem to be grasping the seriousness of intentionally adopting Eastern/pagan practice and trying to Christianize it. To put it bluntly, most of…

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Simple Buddhism?

At portlandbuddhistcenter.org I saw this “simple” message of Buddhism: We can’t depend on anything to be permanent Our actions have consequence We can change for the better OK, this messes with my head. Given #1, #2 makes me respond, “But don’t worry, the consequences won’t be permanent.” And #3 makes me respond, “That’s terrible. The improvements won’t last!” And can…

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Read the Bible to Know God Better

Children's Book about God

If you’ve never read through the Bible, friends, please don’t wait another minute to start. I was part of a study group that did this every year for a number of years. It’s astonishing how you notice other layers each time, find guidance and purpose, receive strength, connect the dots, see more truth, get into the heads of the Bible…

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