“Christianize” It?

We have to be ever on alert in order not to taint the Lord’s truth with error from the dark side. A couple of older posts about this are “Christian Whatever” and “Mingling.”

Now on my “more” page, you’ll find a new little handout that lists a number of practices that some people try to Christianize.

Why not copy and distribute these to your small group? Assign various individuals to research the teachings/practices listed there. (There’s an extra level of “Ah, I get it” when people see things for themselves.) And then have a few whole-group discussions—also digging in to the Scriptures provided and to other Scriptures that crop up.


“Christianize” It?


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2 thoughts on ““Christianize” It?

  1. There:
    “Quite unexpectedly, I also came to a startling realization: a large number of religious icons of the Orthodox Christian Church depict Jesus, Mary, and the saints performing hand-gestures which correspond exactly to specific yoga mudras. This suggests that, meditation using yoga mudras may have formed an essential part of the spiritual practices of the early Church.”

  2. Thank you for this comment. Pagan influence has, since the book of Genesis, always knocked at the door of the Lord’s true way. The type of art you mention is someone’s representation. My guess is that Christians who were, sadly, attracted to some of these symbols/practices chose to represent their “heroes” in this way. Look at the Catholic Church practice of the rosary, saints, worship of Mary . . . Those were no doubt incorporated from Eastern religion practices that were similar; but they’re not in the Scripture. We individuals can get confused and make mistakes sometimes. But since the Lord insists that we not imitate any other religion, we want to aim for his way.

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