Stop the Student Loan Madness!

cover of "Debt Free College" book

I heard several sad reports in March 2018 about ever-increasing problems related to student loan debt. The amount of debt seems worse and worse, graduates wanting to declare bankruptcy .…

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Nurse Knows Too Much?

I was at the hospital for pre-surgery testing. A main nurse and a young assistant nurse were on the job. Main Nurse (to me): Have you ever had liver problems?…

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Logic 101

question mark

Ever take a logic class? You look at a couple of premises (assumed to be true for the sake of the argument) and then determine what conclusions can/cannot be drawn.…

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Peace Hocus-Pocus?

A friend asked me to report on something called the American Peace Intention Experiment (APIE). I’m not sure I have the strength! Google-search that term and you’ll find that, apparently,…

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Thin Place? Thin Ice.

cosmic-new age image

In recent years, some Christian writing speaks of a “thin place”: “The constant repetition of [Jesus’] name clears my head. . . . I am able to create what the…

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