Puzzling Propaganda

scattered puzzle pieces

There’s an increasing number of puzzling and jumbled sentences in pieces aimed against Christianity. Let’s dissect a couple of examples. This Publishers Weekly write-up tells how publishers are “pivoting toward” a new spiritual age. One book in the report proposes “a new, more morally robust Christianity for disillusioned post-evangelicals.” Let’s break that down. If Christianity is the longstanding teachings of…

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The Importance of Apologetics

I just pulled out and reread my old copy of The Seduction of Christianity: Spiritual Discernment in the Last Days by Dave Hunt and T. A. McMahon. Whoa. First published in 1985 and still spot on! The names (and sometimes terminology) change, but the “story” is the same. Back then Hunt and McMahon exposed the prosperity gospel teachers, the New…

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Trouble with Truth

blurry church

Some high-profile Christian writers/teachers instruct pastors to be careful about letting their congregations know exactly what they believe. And there are church websites that show a rather traditional statement of faith, even though it doesn’t quite match up with the beliefs of some of the staff or with certain practices there. Some church sites say vague things like, “We have…

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What Is the True Self?

man reflected in broken mirror

What is the true self? You could use that term to mean “the me that God wants me to be” (per Colossians 3:3; 1 John 5:20; see a related post, “The Only I AM.)” Though that may be the way some Christian writers are using it, others have drifted into the Hindu concept that “the true self is God,” which…

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And That’s the Truth!

woman smoking

My daughter, Karis, and I were discussing telling ourselves the truth—and not giving the enemy the satisfaction of hearing our continuous repeating of the negative or seemingly hopeless situation. I mentioned a lady who had wanted to quit smoking. She had openly confessed that she’d be driving down the road, saying out loud, “I’m quitting smoking” …while smoking! Karis said,…

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