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Peace Hocus-Pocus?

A friend asked me to report on something called the American Peace Intention Experiment (APIE). I’m not sure I have the strength!

Google-search that term and you’ll find that, apparently, the first experiment took place a few years ago. That plan was for “hundreds of thousands of participants” to mentally send the same “intention for peace.” Afterward, some “leaders in consciousness research” would “measure violence levels before and after the intention” was sent—and determine the effectiveness.

The event I was investigating was to begin on Sep 30, 2017 (sponsored by GAIA; there’s a clue). Groups of people were to physically (or just mentally) get together to collectively “intend” the same thing; in this case, the “intention to end violence and heal America.” One description said, “You’ll experience for yourself how group intention has a mirror effect, creating a powerful altered state that can bring about major transformations in the lives of participants like you.”

Reminds me of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987, which was a “globally synchronized meditation event,” deliberately arranged to coincide with a rare alignment of the planets. Things like this are designed to tap into and manipulate what is considered to be cosmic consciousness (or higher consciousness, or universal mind; the terminology gets cloudy).

Participants of this APIE were instructed to circle in small groups and hold hands. Each member does measured breathing, clears the mind but focuses on the common intention, and “sends” the intention. After 10 minutes, the members should gently end the sending (they specified “gently”) and take some time to “come back” into the room.

These New Agey efforts for world peace are based on the assumption that mankind’s nature is basically good. We can have world peace if we all just determine to do so—calling on our higher selves and “the universe.” I’d love a peaceful and happy world. But it’s sad that we’re so naïve about history—that we think mankind naturally rises to goodness when given a tiny nudge (or a dose of hocus-pocus).

The Almighty God has a recipe for peace. (Spoiler: He calls it “Obey my commands.”) And without him, well . . . this just ain’t gonna happen.

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