Checked Your MQ (Money Quotient) Lately?

cashI don’t consider myself a money expert. And yet . . .

Books by money management experts usually haven’t proven very useful to me. You see, I’ve been reduced to absolute zero twice in my adult life, and the books seemed to be written by people who didn’t really know what that was like. For example, there was advice to “buy groceries in bulk.” Um, you can’t do that if the family has only $5 to live on this week.

During our own money droughts, there were multiple times of having the last meal on the table—with no idea where the next would come from. Yet, the next meals showed up. We never missed paying a bill on time, never went on welfare or unemployment, and we even increased our “tithe” (I call it my God Money).

So perhaps I do have a right to speak on this subject. Check out this free download, which is a fun-but-serious quiz that you can copy and use with your small group.

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