Buddhism Influencing the Church

sand mandala

At a Cincinnati Christian University grad school forum in 2010, Dr. Johnny Pressley had done a presentation about Buddhism’s influence on Hollywood. Dr. Jack Cottrell—knowing about the related research we were into—invited us to speak to the forum on how Buddhism is influencing the church. Listen to the 1-hour lecture by me and my sister, Jenna (pen name Lena Wood).…

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A Not-So-Happy Day?

We are saved by the blood of the Lamb/blood of Jesus. But that concept is a problem if you’re trying to mix all the world religions. Some time ago I saw a TV special about the importance of music in world faiths. (This was an episode of the Global Spirit series, titled “Sound of the Soul.”) The subtle message was…

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The Shack—the Plot Thickens

night shot of a shack

Writer William Paul Young grew up knowing God as “schizophrenic, narcissistic…angry and distant,” someone to be appeased. I’m so sad for Mr. Young. It’s good that he wanted to portray God differently in The Shack (first published 2007). Sadly, he swings too far into “warm fuzzy” and misrepresents God in other ways. Young’s background with church people he describes as…

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Dogma Double-Talk

I read an article titled “Awakening Avalon” in Whole Living magazine’s Nov/Dec 2016 issue (flip to page 13 here to read it). Author Tara L. Robinson, a New Age high priestess, calls us to get in touch with our own divinity and let the magick flow. She made a point of saying that she doesn’t like dogma . . .…

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Kirtan—a Problem for Certain

Well, friends, it’s hard to keep up. Terms that I’ve never heard of (even though “All Things Bizarre” is my major!) continue to show up and promise us exotic spirituality. Like kirtan. One source defines kirtan as “Indian devotional music . . . which involves chanting the names of God.” (This seems typically done in ancient Sanskrit, but sometimes in…

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