Impact of the Church

People wearing "Volunteer" Tshirts

In a previous post, “Why People Have Left the Church,” I touched on the damage the emergent church has done with their shouting that the church isn’t doing anything and…

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A Real Superhero

Angkor Wat structure with carved face

Reading about King Josiah’s actions in 2 Chronicles 34, I was just struck anew. Talk about a superhero! Teenagers who want adventure and excitement could look to Josiah. Verse 1…

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Jars of Clay

clay doll

The figurine you see pictured here was a gift from a friend in Japan years ago. Packaged with the gift was a note that said: “Be gentle with her. For…

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Confidence + Humility

confident man

I often bragged about my cancer doctors. I was so impressed with their perfect mix of confidence and humility. In the realm of Christian teachers, when I think of confidence…

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Nehemiah: Faith Plus Force

We see Nehemiah’s FAITH all through his story as a hands-on governor amid the suffering of his people. During the rebuilding of the Jerusalem wall (and surrounded by relentless troublemakers),…

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