serene lake with pier

Visiting in Japan in October 2016, on my one night in a hotel room, I suddenly realized I’d not watched any Japanese TV. It was fun to land on a…

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Truth Matters

These are gleanings from Dr. Jack Cottrell’s little book Faith’s Fundamentals (1995, pg. 9–11). He is coming from the position that there is such a thing as truth and that…

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Reiki on the Sly

"reiki" in Chinese characters

I discuss reiki from time to time. But I really recommend doing your own further research. You’re gonna need more information than just “My friend says.” This will get you…

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The words bibliolater/bibliolatry seem kinda trendy these days, but date back to the 1800s (per Webster’s). First definition of bibliolater: “one having excessive reverence for the letter of the Bible.”…

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