Defying the Dark Side

equation using "the God Factor"Worried about finances? The enemy likes to have us wringing our hands. Instead, get mad! Go overboard to defy him. My personal example is from a time when we had so very little. Yes, I agonized and wilted. But a few times I told myself the truth: How can I expect others to believe the Lord provides abundantly, if I don’t? So in defiance of the dark side, I forced myself to gather a box of things (“Why, those 10 books on the bookshelves and 5 outfits in the closet must be MORE than I need!”) . . . and take it to the thrift store, saying, “I have so much—thank you, God!—I can even give it away! Bwaaah ha ha!” I sounded like a crazy woman, but the results were astonishing. An immediate alignment of peace and power. Anytime I did something like that, the Lord soon sent a wild bonus, which I took as validation—and as just plain sweet. I testified of what he’d done. It was an extremely tough time, but I learned a lesson I don’t want to forget: what God’s people possess “on paper” is irrelevant.

cover of "Debt Free College" bookFor more on thinking about money in terms of the God factor, read my book Debt Free College—We Did It! See a few sample pages from the book at Google Books, and click the image to see a few reviews on Amazon.

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