A Mod Might Be Odd

child playing video gameThe young child of a friend began experiencing night terrors. He’d awaken as if he was being choked—gagging, convulsing. The mother wondered whether it could relate to a video game he’d been playing. Let’s back up …

Kids had been playing this video game (its original version) as part of a class at school. (I’m intentionally not naming the game. It’s too easy to read the name of a game and go, “Oh, we don’t have that. Everything’s fine.” No, parents need to investigate—and reinvestigate—ALL that their kids are into.**)

The thing is, video games can be modified by fans and players. (I had no idea.) So a “mod” of a benign game can be given other levels/other “worlds,” even occult aspects. With elements that parents who had seen only the original game wouldn’t necessarily be aware of.

And that’s the case with the mod of the game in question here. The child had asked to play at home and go into the “worlds” of other players. So Mom opened an account to allow that. But that opened the door to do a lot more in the game—in its mod. Specifically, players in this mod go into a dark world where they can summon evil entities. This child eventually confessed that he’d done that. And now when he wakes up terrified and choking, he feels like he’s stuck in that world in the game.

A team of prayer warriors is asking the Lord to free the child of the dark presence that seems to be attacking.

I confess to not being savvy about all this video game stuff, and I don’t speak the lingo. But here’s one site that explains more about mods in general.

The Berit Kjos book How to Protect Your Child tells of a schoolteacher who was using cards from an occult game to teach math. (Huh?) Red flags surely went up when one of the students asked his mom what “summon” meant. Turns out, at recess the kids were following instructions on these cards to summon the forces/spirits named on the cards. They even called this action “being possessed” (p 169–170).

Some school assignments seem to be merely multicultural education. Consider the class that made Native American kachina dolls. On the surface, this would seem a neutral activity. But “kachina” is from the Hopi word for “spirit.” One site says, “Kachina dolls were made in the image of the spirits worshipped by the tribe.” From a Christian perspective … well, I wouldn’t want my school child to make a replica of an Asherah pole (per ancient Canaanite paganism), even if was just to show, “Hey, isn’t it interesting what those people used to do?” Just saying that some parents might have objected to this kachina doll activity if they’d been aware of the spiritual implications.

Bottom line: Video games, other games, assorted school assignments … Peel back the layers. Don’t assume. There are odd mods—and more.

** That’s the same reason I did not name the special program that was investigated in this “Chosen? … Or Targeted?” piece. Parents and grandparents need to check out ANY school program that a child is invited into.


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