Mysticism and Spiritual Formation

Mysticism and spiritual formation. I’ve deeply researched these for 10 years. We each need to grasp the whats and whys of the mysticism that’s already in so many of our churches. Check out Dr. Gary Gilley’s excellent 5-part article on mysticism, starting with Part 1.

Spiritual formation is a Trojan horse in which mysticism is riding into the Bible colleges and, thus, the church. Gilley’s book Out of Formation details the spiritual formation movement. Also see my free download, “Bible Colleges and False Teaching.”

Pray for Bible college profs who will have the courage to humbly admit they’ve been bamboozled—and then also will raise a righteous ruckus.

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1 thought on “Mysticism and Spiritual Formation

  1. Lynn, I am so excited for you!
    I had to laugh after getting your email
    And went to lunch: passing by a Presbyterian
    Church sign which read “HOLY YOGA”! I am
    Wondering if their could be such a thing.

    Maybe praying to the Most High God instead of chanting to Budda?

    I immediately thought of you and what you might say on that one!

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