Read the Bible to Know God Better

If you’ve never read through the Bible, friends, please don’t wait another minute to start. I was part of a study group that did this every year for a number of years. It’s astonishing how you notice other layers each time, find guidance and purpose, receive strength, connect the dots, see more truth, get into the heads of the Bible heroes and learn things to apply to your own situations, understand more and more about why the Lord of Love does what he does . . . In other words, you get to know the Lord better! When my friend Diane Stortz began to read the Bible through, she Children's Book about Goddid so with the express purpose of getting to know the Lord better. And she HAS! Bless her for now helping others do so.

Her latest book for kids, I Am, will help them get to know the Lord better. (And don’t tell anybody, but adults will learn a lot from it too!) Check it out on Diane’s website—and be sure to “view a sample.”

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