Truth Matters

These are gleanings from Dr. Jack Cottrell’s little book Faith’s Fundamentals (1995, pg. 9–11). He is coming from the position that there is such a thing as truth and that “truth itself is fundamental.” He says, “Satan works through various means, but the main weapon he uses against us is falsehood or false teaching.” (See Scriptures like John 8:44; Revelation…

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Reiki on the Sly

"reiki" in Chinese characters

I discuss reiki from time to time. But I really recommend doing your own further research. You’re gonna need more information than just “My friend says.” This will get you started . . . Reiki practitioners supposedly channel the “universal life force” into the patient. Though some promoters deny a spiritual context, others openly acknowledge that the practice is spiritual.…

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Basketball Angel Warriors

basketball player silhouette

Friends know that I get a kick out of the unusual names of college basketball players. During the 2016–17 season, some cool first names stood out. And I suddenly thought of them in terms of angel warrior names. So if I were writing a novel about a lineup of powerful angels with a commanding presence, I might name them: Xavian,…

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The words bibliolater/bibliolatry seem kinda trendy these days, but date back to the 1800s (per Webster’s). First definition of bibliolater: “one having excessive reverence for the letter of the Bible.” That could make sense. Problem 1: As is easily verified, no one in the world believes that every single word of the Bible is literal. Any serious Bible reader is…

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The Cat at the Baptism

cat sketch

I was so excited about a trip to my beloved Japan in the fall of 2017! I would say a few words at the 50th anniversary celebration of the Sannobara Church in Isehara, where my husband Mark’s parents worked for so long. I expected to recall many moving, spiritual memories from which I’d pull some appropriate words to say. Instead,…

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