Keep Playing Defense


March 14, 2018, wrapped up another great college basketball season! University of Cincinnati has always been known for defense. But this year much notice was given to the fact that…

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Psalm 139

The young Japanese mother had never read the Bible before. The group turned to Psalm 139, and she read it out loud. When she finished, she sat perfectly still for…

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Uh . . . We’re Not Habakkuk

journaling hands

I was disappointed in an old blog post of Pastor Rick Warren’s. He makes a parallel between the prophet Habakkuk and us—basically conveying that since Habakkuk wrote down messages from…

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“Incarnate Yourself”

jesus sihouette with label "Justin of Nashville"

“Incarnate yourself.” That’s the absolute worst wording I’ve seen in articles about “incarnational” ministry! More typically it’s “we must incarnate Christ.” Still . . . must we incarnate (become flesh…

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