“Incarnate Yourself”

jesus sihouette with label "Justin of Nashville"“Incarnate yourself.” That’s the absolute worst wording I’ve seen in articles about “incarnational” ministry! More typically it’s “we must incarnate Christ.” Still . . . must we incarnate (become flesh as) Christ? Is that even possible? The incarnation was a one-time event in history: God incarnated (became flesh as) Jesus of Nazareth. God does not incarnate Justin of Nashville. Nor does Justin become flesh as anybody; he’s already flesh. (And he certainly can’t incarnate himself.)

Now, there’s more to this topic. Even some Christian writers drift into the New Age idea that the man Jesus was not God but merely became enlightened that he was a christ; that is, he achieved christ consciousness. And supposedly we can accomplish the same thing if we try. In that case, we could all “incarnate christ” (be christs in the flesh).

Hmm. It seems best to let Jesus keep his superior place as THE unique incarnation (as if we could stop him!)—while we have the high honor of being his servants, witnesses, children, soldiers, worshippers, ambassadors . . .

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