Ezekiel. Who Knew?

glorious clouds surrounding sun

I was speaking with a Japanese lady who was describing how she had come to the Lord. She mentioned that in reading the Bible on her own (in her search for God), she had landed in Ezekiel 10. [Sidebar: Now, I’m no expert on the OT prophets, but I happened to immediately know the passage she referred to. This is…

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Go with the Beat!

electric guitar leaning against a tombstone

A trip to Seattle in 2016 included a lovely dinner at an Indian restaurant with my daughter, Karis, and three of her close friends. So precious! One of those friends plays the harp. She told of another harpist who is sometimes called on to go into hospice situations and play “soothing” Christian and/or classical music while the patient is literally…

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Ultimate Evidence

evolving man with question mark

“Ultimate Evidence.” That was the claim in the heading of the Ancient Aliens episode on the History channel. They’ve been studying why there’s such a “sudden jump” in the evolutionary chain between apes and men. And why no missing link is to be found. And why our “language gene” that is so superior seems to have no source of origin.…

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“Far Too Elegant Not to Be True”

math formulas

Remember the TV show NUMB3RS? Don is an FBI agent. His brother Charlie, a math genius, uses math to help the FBI solve crimes. He loves math because, as he often says, “The math doesn’t lie.” In one episode, Charlie believes he has figured out who the culprit is. Don asks, “Can you prove it?” And Charlie says, “No. But…

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Can We at Least Manifest Contentment?

Contentment: “Feeling or manifesting satisfaction with one’s possessions, status, or situation.” In that definition, the “manifesting” jumped out at me. We don’t always feel content, but what if we manifested contentment? Wouldn’t that be a witness that we trust the Lord to be able to use us in the current situation, even if we’d prefer it to be different? How must it…

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