Ezekiel. Who Knew?

glorious clouds surrounding sunI was speaking with a Japanese lady who was describing how she had come to the Lord. She mentioned that in reading the Bible on her own (in her search for God), she had landed in Ezekiel 10. [Sidebar: Now, I’m no expert on the OT prophets, but I happened to immediately know the passage she referred to. This is because I’ve studied Ezekiel 8 thru 11 in connection with my research on mysticism. These chapters show the depths to which God’s people can get sidetracked when they start dabbling in false religions.] My new friend said the passage had struck her because she found it so sad that God’s glory left the temple. And she didn’t want to find herself in a position where God would leave HER—even though she hardly knew him yet! So this feeling intensified the urgency of her search.

Wow. Ezekiel? Here’s a Bible book that even scholars struggle to understand. And yet the Lord saw to it that this young seeker heard what she needed to hear from it. Gives me goosebumps.

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