Ultimate Evidence

“Ultimate Eevolving man with question markvidence.” That was the claim in the heading of the Ancient Aliens episode on the History channel. They’ve been studying why there’s such a “sudden jump” in the evolutionary chain between apes and men. And why no missing link is to be found. And why our “language gene” that is so superior seems to have no source of origin. It appears, they say, “almost like” we’ve been designed, that there must’ve been some “unseen creative spirit” that intervened in the evolutionary process.

Their conclusion? Extra-terrestrials descended on ancient apes/hominids and genetically altered the DNA. If we think in terms of ETs, they say, “it all makes sense.” (Wait. What? Guess I missed the “ultimate evidence” part.)

Now, near the end of this episode, they did barely concede that this still leaves room for an original creator God. Hmm. Maybe the Ancient Aliens guys were right about at least one thing they said—that according to recent studies, “we [humans] are rapidly becoming even smarter.” Wonder if we could ramp that up . . .

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