Easy Does It!

That’s my title for this pair of “painful” editorial bloopers that were in kids’ Sunday school lessons. How about this: “Pass papers into the leader and have him read them.”…

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Go with the Beat!

electric guitar leaning against a tombstone

A trip to Seattle in 2016 included a lovely dinner at an Indian restaurant with my daughter, Karis, and three of her close friends. So precious! One of those friends…

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Nurse Knows Too Much?

I was at the hospital for pre-surgery testing. A main nurse and a young assistant nurse were on the job. Main Nurse (to me): Have you ever had liver problems?…

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Basketball Angel Warriors

basketball player silhouette

Friends know that I get a kick out of the unusual names of college basketball players. During the 2016–17 season, some cool first names stood out. And I suddenly thought…

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