And It Came to Pass (3 of 4)

Roman soldier

A Bible story inspired by church camp dramas: The Philippian Jailer Acts 16 (RCV, Revised Camp Version) And it came to pass that Paul and Silas got into a small canoe and loosed from Troas. Soon, because they had great faith, they were able to arrive at Philippi without ever moving. Much prayer, preaching, and healing were wont to be…

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And It Came to Pass (2 of 4)


A Bible story inspired by church camp dramas: Samson and Delilah Judges 16 (RCV, Revised Camp Version) And behold, a man named Samson (which means “one with suspiciously long, nylon hair”) approached the city of Gaza. Though small of stature and scrawny of build, he was known throughout the land for his great strength. That night, as evidence of his…

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And It Came to Pass (1 of 4)

Good Samaritan

In the beginning was the Word. And almost since the beginning, famous stories from the Word have been depicted at church camps around the world—often with fascinating script changes. What if the Bible writers had first witnessed the events not in their original settings, but at Bible drama night at church camp? Now that would have produced a different version…

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And a Moo Goo Gai Pan to Go

Chinese dumplings

Two bloopers I found while editing sort of pay tribute to Chinese restaurants. “During the ’70s, irresponsible Hollywood moviemakers coerced the people of earth into participating regularly in wonton fear.” “Wasn’t Jesus worried that she would go back to her wonton ways and waste his good efforts?” Both of these writers intended to say wanton. But it’s OK. We’re happy…

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The Law of Attraction

Video thumbnail

The Law of Attraction is the philosophy promoted in the book The Secret. It also was heard often via guests on Oprah’s TV show. The basic idea is that whatever happens to us is caused by our own thoughts. I don’t really know anything about the guy in the video below (so this isn’t a wholesale recommendation). It’s just that…

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