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Decoding Deception

As a guest on the Awake the Iron podcast, I spoke about deception in the church, particularly as relates to confused definitions.

spider on webWhenever we get what my family has come to call “that gritty feeling,” we need to stop, dig in, and ask some questions. In the creepy poem “The Spider and the Fly” (performed at the very end of the interview), the fly kept ignoring the truth and going back to the clever spider. Then it was too late. After listening to this podcast, you might also want to revisit my posts, “Equality—Say What?” and “Useful Idiots.”

Click this linked title for the podcast episode:

The Spider and the Fly


Awake the Iron covers the big-picture topic of deception (politically, spiritually …). Whether we’re talking government, public schools, the church, or the workplace, the bad guys always manage to infiltrate in order to push dark agendas. When someone sounds a strong alarm, our first reaction is, “Oh, surely that can’t be!” But … well, it’s best to stop and ask some questions. Deception is deception because it’s cleverly disguised and needs to be decoded. We must stay on ever-high alert these days.


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