Buddhism Influencing the Church

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At a Cincinnati Christian University grad school forum in 2010, Dr. Johnny Pressley had done a presentation about Buddhism’s influence on Hollywood. Dr. Jack Cottrell—knowing about the related research we were into—invited us to speak to the forum on how Buddhism is influencing the church.

Listen to the 1-hour lecture by me and my sister, Jenna (pen name Lena Wood).


The lecture references the following handouts and images.

Masked dance. Photos by Karis Pratt (left) and Lena Wood (right).
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1 thought on “Buddhism Influencing the Church

  1. Lynn, I have just listened to the 44 minutes audio at this article. You and your sister did this several years ago. All you said then is true and has progressed since then. I have also been reading at another blog for three days that belongs to Dean Gotcher. I met him over 20 years ago after I read his book DIAPRAX and he came to Columbus to speak at a church at my request. There are areas where your work and his work connect. If you have the time, learn about his knowledge of how the diabolical Dialectic has taken over the world. This Dialectic is what was used on our daughter in the Bexley “gifted” class to change the children’s attitudes, beliefs and behaviors using the tricks of the Marxist change agents: Benjamin Bloom, Krathwohl, Moreno, Adorno, and others. When you talk about how Buddhism is being brought in by stealth and words are given different meanings than the ones the average person knows, this is what the school employees are doing, confusing parents by changing the meanings of words. William Spady, father of Outcome Based Education which has many names and is the same as Common Core which is used in all the schools is one of the deceivers who, with the help of both Presidents Bush, Bill Clinton, Obama and hoards of people in the “education” hierarchy like Checker Finn and Lamar Alexander, forced OBE on all schools and gave legitimacy to it.

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