Big, Scary God

Even as a child, I never understood why people cringe at the idea of the big, scary God whom they refer to as “the God of the Old Testament.” Isn’t big and scary what you want? I do! Don’t soldiers want a tough general—one who absolutely knows what he’s doing . . . and who also cares about them? Remember…

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“A Mighty Fortress”

I was puzzled (back in 2016) to read what David Jeremiah said about the hymn “A Mighty Fortress” and others. He called such songs “comfort music for weak-kneed saints.”  (Life Wide Open, p 164). He wrote that statement in agreement with Calvin Miller’s thought that too often we sing “hymns that center on faith as a protective refuge” in order…

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The Only “I AM”

Children's Book about God

We associate I AM (in capital letters) as the Lord’s name from Exodus 3. The “to be” verb is significant because the Lord just IS. Meaning, he is (as Jack Cottrell puts it) “self-existent and eternal.” But we need to be aware that not all spiritual-sounding messages mean the same thing by I AM. Self-help guru Wayne Dyer produced a…

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A God Who Does Things

Dr. Jack Cottrell’s book What the Bible Says About God the Ruler talks about how God is present and active in our world . . . and that such a concept is absent from many world religions/philosophies. To this point, he quotes (on p. 15 in the edition I have) a guy named Harry Blamires, who is pondering what would…

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A “Personal” Problem

buddha statue in mist

Robert Thurman, a Tibetan Buddhist (and the “leading American expert” of that religion), said that the idea of a personal God is problematic “from an enlightened point of view.” Both the apostle Paul and the prophet Isaiah dealt with religious views that would elevate people and lower God. Some things never change—even “new” religious teachings are the same old false…

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