Christian Goddess Worship

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This article about goddess worship tells of an ecumenical conference (clear back in 1993!) where they invoked the goddess Sophia. “Communion” emblems were milk and honey, not bread and wine.

This piece describes a Lutheran church that does goddess worship. The idea is that goddess worship relates to equality for women, but for some reason they also see the need to mix in reiki, animal masks, crystals, and more.

That church’s own site shows a goddess rosary, about which they say, “In an attempt to use Biblical, century-old images and developing connections with the Holy Other, the Goddess Rosary is grounded in traditions of the Christian Church and the proclamation of the gospel.” Come again? Perhaps by “traditions of the Christian Church,” they mean Roman Catholicism’s worship of Mary. (Rome insists that Catholics don’t “worship” Mary, but see the section on Mary in this “What Rome Teaches” document.)

Another site about praying a goddess rosary explains that such a tool is “for those who worship God in Her original feminine Form.”

This 2014 article explains a bit about goddess worship in the Hindu tradition in India.

And here’s an actual encyclopedia article.

Yes, I realize the Lord Almighty is not a man. But he did choose to designate himself in the Bible with words like Father, he, and so forth. Is that somehow a slam against women? I can’t help recalling a satirical piece in the Wittenburg Door (way back in the 1970s) about an artist’s representation of Jesus with female breasts. The Door’s commentary said something like, “Surely we can show respect to women without putting ta-tas on everybody.”


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  1. God the Son is a man. He is fully God and fully man I have been told. God the Father is not a man but Jesus was born to Mary as a Son. “Unto us a Son is given” And his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, the Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

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