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alien landscapeDid you hear about the physicist who posted a photo online (2022), claiming that it was a photo of a distant star? It was actually a slice of chorizo sausage (similar to pepperoni). A number of people fell for it. The man later posted an apology—said it was just a joke, but also explained that he wants people to be cautious about believing such things.

At least no modern-day spiritual guru jumped in and claimed to be from that “distant star”! But there does seem to be a long-standing tendency for certain people to make cosmic claims …

Teal Swan is a beautiful and confident self-help guru. She claims to be a powerful ET from the star Arcturus.

Upon hearing that, my sister said, “Hmm. Don’t the aliens seem to keep moving away from us?” Interesting point. Remember the term moon men? And then scientists said that no one could live on the moon. There was talk of Martians, little green men. And Venusians. (Venus is supposed to be closer than Mars. Maybe adding Venus was just a way for people who didn’t like the idea of being from Mars to still be from a planet and, therefore, special?) Then we heard of aliens from Alpha Centauri, Arcturus …

It’s also interesting that if the solar system is bazillions of years old (that’s if), any ancient civilizations out there would surely have had “original” names for their locations, in some ET language foreign to us earthlings. It looks like these powerful ETs, assumed to have superior knowledge, would enlighten us as to the correct original names in their official language.

  • At a “harmonic convergence” event years ago, one attender claimed to have received a message from a “Commander Ashtar,” who was supposedly the “captain of a spaceship fleet” (AP article, date missing).
  • Elizabeth Clare Prophet (founder of the Church Universal and Triumphant) has called herself “Mistress of the Universe” and was quoted as claiming that “Jesus, Pope John XXIII, Confucius, the saints, and all the angels in Heaven” spoke through her (article in The Lookout magazine, 9/22/1991). And the CUT’s official website (at this writing 30 years later) suggests a prayer that includes these words: “I AM an expanding fire spark from the Great Central Sun.”
  • The Heaven’s Gate cult believed that a spacecraft (driven by God?) was following Comet Hale-Bopp. Some official statements named the two founders “Ti and Do (the UFO Two)” and indicated that these were sort of reincarnations of Jesus and his Father.
  • A man claiming to bring teachings from Alpha Centauri said to a subject, “Do you seek counsel?” … “Do you feel the vibrations now?” He also said they don’t have day and night on Alpha Centauri. And that here on earth they manifest a personality humans can relate to because their actual persona would not relate (article in Time magazine, 12/7/1987).
  • On a slightly different track … Some teachers try to make a connection between themselves and the “lost” city of Atlantis . . . or of Lemuria, a place thought to have sunk in the Indian or Pacific Ocean. (Note: There are different interpretations regarding what Atlantis and Lemuria actually were, and where they are. But some people try to link those places to ancient aliens/ETs.) Since 1977 J. Z. Knight claims to channel Ramtha, a 35,000-year-old warrior from Lemuria. And she began the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. In the book supposedly dictated by Ramtha (I Am Ramtha), we find statements like these: “Who be I?” . . . “I have been you, and I have become the other side of what you are” (Time magazine cover story, 12/7/1987).

With the emphasis on the Age of Aquarius that became popular in the late 1960s (remember the song of that title and the musical Hair?), perhaps that would naturally heighten interest in things related to astrology, cosmic forces, and all. (Though there’s much disagreement on when the Age of Aquarius actually began/begins.)

Isn’t it interesting that people will believe in leaders making those claims but think it’s a stretch to believe in the Lord Almighty? Maybe it would be OK to point that out.


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