What Kind of Schooling at School?

My post “Chosen? … Or Targeted?” dealt with concerns related to the school system (like programs/classes in which students would “experience activism” or “learn about religion”). Here are some more examples from different schools.

Story 1

8-year-olds were asked to rank themselves on “power and privilege.” (Since this happened in a math class, maybe this “ranking” is new math?) The dear children were introduced to the assignment by being told of the supposed power-hungry bad guys who caused this country’s problems. Those villains were labeled as white and Christian, among other things. It struck me as especially significant that a non-white parent (the school was heavily non-white) pushed back, enlisted other parents, and demanded that programs like this not be used in their school!

report card with potically correct "classes"

Story 2

Students were to write reports on the black hero of their choice for Black History month. One kid chose a political conservative, which caused him to be called to the principal’s office and scolded.

Story 3

In one school with a heavy mix of ethnicities, families say there has never been a problem as far as prejudice/racism. The kids get along, name kids of other colors as their best friends. And yet word went out that each student was going to be asked to write a report (or give a speech) on a number of “issues” like diversity, privilege, tolerance, racism, equality…

Of course, those are hot-button words. Gotta wonder whether kids will really be free to express their views or are expected to have a predetermined opinion. It almost felt like this whole idea would create problems where none exist.

Indeed, since this extra emphasis, some recent tension has been noted in this school. Like kids’ T-shirts with certain slogans seemed to invite harassment, while others didn’t. And one student reportedly got in trouble because his face mask (during COVID restrictions) was an American flag design. (What’s up with that?)

Story 4

Teens were told to write to city council leaders and congressmen in support of certain issues. No, not to choose issues they each might feel strongly about, but the specific, designated issues and the “correct” view—that is, the view the teacher TOLD them to have. Though there was no legislation on deck at this time, this action would likely give leaders the idea that large numbers of their constituents (young teens are constituents?) would vote for them if…

Fortunately, some savvy parents got wind of this and raised a ruckus about the school’s trying to “turn students into lobbyists.” The school apologized and said that it’s not school board policy to distribute political paraphernalia to students.

Story 5

Some schools (after the increased racial tension of 2019–20) seem to be appointing so-called diversity coordinators or equity and diversity “task forces” to deal with behavior that stirs up racism. Sounds good. But given the ways things are going, I can’t help suspecting a Trojan horse. And indeed, a school district in Texas made headlines by objecting to material they see as indoctrinating, victimizing, villainizing … Same for a school district in West Virginia. Stay tuned.


Bottom Line

As suggested in my post referred to at the very top, please find out the true agenda beneath your school’s programs/assignments. It’s not just OK for parents to hold schools accountable; it’s imperative. But please be kind to your local teachers. Remember, something that a teacher has implemented might have been ordered from somewhere up the ladder.


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4 thoughts on “What Kind of Schooling at School?

  1. Both govt. and private schools are forcing Critical Race Theory down the students’ throats. Even kids in rural schools are being brainwashed. And kids in pricey private schools, such as The Columbus Academy in Gahanna, Ohio, are getting this garbage at school. Children are being trained to be Marxists, Community Organizers, radical lefties at our expense. The BLM rioters were trained in our schools. The materials used on our child at Bexley, Ohio in their falsely-named Gifted Class were for the purpose of brainwashing her. Using the Delphi Method (Hegel’s Dialectic) to bring all the kids to Consensus/agreement with the pre-determined outcome which was chosen for them by Marxists. Turn them against their parents’ teachings and make them have allegiance to the school/State.

    1. Thank you, C! Your reference to a “gifted class” is another clue to help parents pay attention. There’s nothing wrong with a “class” for the “gifted.” But of course, the class you mention had nothing to do with that. Parents need to dig in. In trying to talk with people, it’s also good–if I may say–to use words that a 5-year-old would understand. Instead of saying “critical race theory” or “Marxist,” for example, spell out some of the actual beliefs/practices within those things (and show evidence of that). I say this because some people have assumed a good meaning for such things, and they’re stuck there. Ask questions and help them back up and rethink. Thank you again!

  2. Lynn, I appreciate the advice. I have spent so many years now reading and learning about all this stuff that’s been used to change everyone’s worldview that I forget that most people have not been absorbed in it like I. These techniques that I mentioned are used on both school kids and college kids but also on adults when local government wants to get everyone to accept the changes that government and the Elite intend to bring about. I have attended a number of these group sessions to see for myself how the change-agents do their thing. In a nutshell It is:

    A DIVERSE GROUP of people
    Dialoguing to CONSENSUS
    With the aid of a FACILITATOR (Change agent)
    The people in the group don’t know it’s a trick, they don’t know how the facilitators and spotters have been trained to manipulate the group, and they don’t know the OUTCOME was already decided upon by those in charge of the game. They are made to think their input is wanted and will influence the OUTCOME. IT WILL NOT. Another topic good to learn about is something Dean Gotcher terms DIAPRAX which means Practicing The Dialectic. Same as earlier, Dialoguing to get people to agree with The Group. Like when Satan dialogued with Eve in Genesis, getting her to doubt God and eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. The people who work this deception are liars like Satan.

  3. C, thank you for this additional GREAT info. A bit of that reminds me of how phony faith healers have plants in the audience to make sure certain things happen. The Screwtape Letters by C. S. Lewis (not to mention the Bible!) shows us the importance of understanding how the enemy thinks. We need to make sure our red-flag systems stay engaged–and help other people remember that evil is always one step ahead. Even well-meaning people can get caught in traps and inadvertently promote a dark agenda. Pray the armor of God and press on!

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