Video Workshop: ABCs of False Teaching

Thumbnail with Lynn and Lena

The Christian from a Buddhist culture sees it. The missionary to Hindus sees it. The former Satanist sees it. But the average Christian may miss new twists on old deceptions mainstreaming into the church. Brush up on how to recognize occult, New Age, and Eastern religion teachings with this “ABCs of False Teaching” lecture given by me and Lena Wood.…

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Bookstore Browse

books on shelves

February 2021. I wandered through four bookstores to see how religious books were displayed, how Christian books showed up in those. In one store I didn’t even have to get to the Religion/New Age/Metaphysical sections. A display in the entryway was all about palmistry, numerology, reiki. And those books were paired with books about meditation, calmness, and that spiritual favorite:…

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Think Like Me?

Back when pop stars Madonna and Britney were at the top of the charts, Madonna said, “Dress like Britney Spears and think like me, and everything will be fine.” After hearing that, I confess that sometimes at work meetings I’d say, “With apologies to Madonna—if y’all would just think like me, everything’d be fine!” Truth is, Madonna and I were…

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The Key to Discernment

Spoiler: The key to discernment is to know the Bible. I read a letter from a former Hindu (early 2021), who is distressed about Christians who have a low view of Scripture and who are adopting teachings/practices from pagan religions. And I noticed these two books: Barbara Brown Taylor’s Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others and Learning…

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Faith Must Stand on Truth

Just steering you to two items I’ve had on file, which I believe will strengthen you personally and also provide tidbits you can use to help others. Hey, it doesn’t have to be new to be good, right? Here’s a really serious but entertaining John Lennox (Oxford scholar/professor) lecture. It’s called “Miracles, part 1” but it’s mainly about truth, belief/faith.…

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