Here, Kitty Kitty… Not.

grumpy cat
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Guess we shouldn’t be surprised that reiki’s use has expanded to other species. Just do an online search of “reiki for pets” and see for yourself. I especially checked out various sites related to reiki for cats.

One cat’s bad behavior was diagnosed as being caused by its “bad childhood.” This had resulted in the cat’s head and heart chakras being in competition. (Yes, you find all sorts of info about cat chakras, though there’s some disagreement about how many chakras cats have.)

It also seems that cat reiki can be performed even from a distance. The practitioner will manage to tap into the animal’s “frequency” and…

(If you’re unclear about what reiki actually is, read this and come back.)

Given that the reiki practitioner has been attuned in a process that’s attended by “spiritual beings” and then that “energy” is transferred to a cat undergoing reiki…well, images of old horror movies are coming to mind. There’s The Black Cat, Eye of the Cat, The Shadow of the Cat, and more—not to mention Pet Sematary.

I’m thinking that the last thing we need is cats that have had a spiritual energy from Lord knows where channeled into them.


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