The Church—the Ultimate Escape Room

escape game family photo
Escape game family photo

It was my first experience in one of those escape rooms. There were eight of us, including my grandkids, with an age range from 8 to 68. We had one hour to solve the puzzle that would stop the “Runaway Train.”

What a wild experience! Even in the middle of the frenzy, I was astonished at the various contributions from everyone as we looked for clues. It would have been overwhelming, exhausting, and not fun to attempt this with only one or two people. Sometime after, it struck me as a terrific illustration of the church. Everyone is needed.

  • One of the clues would have remained a complete puzzle, except that one member of our group knew very specific information about a certain ailment’s dietary restrictions.
  • When a very complicated math problem appeared, everyone seemed stumped. Except for my daughter-in-law. She grabbed a pencil and calculated at record-breaking speed. No problem.
  • Even the youngest found clues, asked good questions, and helped keep everyone going.
  • Occasionally we froze, completely stumped and unable to move forward. And the clock was ticking! At those times, a deep voice filled the room and gave us a little tip or a nudge in a different direction. The first time that happened, it was a bit unnerving. I’d forgotten that someone would be watching over us.
  • When we’d first entered the room, I spotted a note that I knew must be significant. But throughout our time, it never clicked . . . until the final five minutes. Suddenly (because of what else we’d learned) I knew what it meant!

With only a few minutes before disaster, we managed to stop the train. We were victorious! We escaped thanks to everyone’s cooperation, knowledge, talents, encouragement . . .

But we had to admit that it wouldn’t have happened without the guidance we received from the guy above who had all knowledge of how things work—and the power to make sure we were safe.

Get it?

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