Focusing on the Foundation

construction of a foundationAlisa Childers has a website with material designed to help Christians stand on truth and be on alert for deception. Her efforts spring from her own drift from (and return to) truth. Experience speaks.

I’m happy to steer you to an interview she did with Greg Stier about helping teens be more solid in their faith. (Much of what’s here echoes what I find: that young people don’t know basic theology and, therefore, aren’t confident themselves; so they’re unable to share the Lord with friends. I’ve written about that here and elsewhere.)

The Childers–Stier interview is on audio podcast channels as “Episode 157 What’s wrong with youth ministry and what can we do about it? with Greg Stier” and in video format on YouTube. The interview clearly emphasizes that the intention is not to bash hard-working youth ministers and teachers. (No! May God bless them and multiply their efforts!) The idea is to look again to pinpoint problems; then focus on filling in some foundational cracks.

Greg Stier has a free download on the topic, called “The Failure of Youth Ministry … and How to Fix It.” That and other freebies here.

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