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ABCs of False Teaching

On my “More from Lynn” page, I offer free handouts for your own research or to use as the basis for study with a Sunday school class/small group. As teachings and practices from Eastern religions, New Age, and the occult sneak into the church, the goal for these downloads (as well as my related blog posts and links) is to help you engage what I’m calling your red-flag system.

The Scripture warns us to be alert because the enemy is “looking for someone to devour” (1 Peter 5:8). And Acts 20:29-31 says that false teaching will be inside the church, so we must be on guard. I realize I’ve mentioned those Scriptures before. It’s not senility! It’s that we (myself included) have failed to truly grasp the seriousness: that we’re not safe from deception just because we’re within our own church classrooms and sanctuaries. The enemy is on the prowl there.

Check out the handout “ABCs of False Teaching,”  an extensive list of red-flag words; that is, terms and names that need to trigger a step-back of caution and then further investigation. Some terms can have both good and bad meanings. The writer or speaker you’re following may not mean what you think he means. We must pay attention and not just swallow what’s being presented.

Google-search some of the wilder-sounding terms (like shaman) together with the word Christian—and brace yourself. Google-search some names of teachers or titles of books together with words like occult, Buddhist, etc., to see whether there are any connections. Some people say, “Well, MY church isn’t caught up in anything like that! And I’d never be so stupid as to…” Go back and read the experience of one minister in my post “Humble Enough to Check.”

Jesus said, “Watch out that no one deceives you. For many will come in my name” (Matthew 24:4, 5). I think he meant it.



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