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Humble Enough to Check

A young minister friend didn’t quite believe that Christians are drifting into dangerous false teaching. I challenged him to survey his church members to see what they read for spiritual guidance. He reported back, “Well, I’m horrified, to say the least.” (The thing is, he didn’t know the half of it. He would have been “horrified” if, say, his members were learning from books that showed a Hindu swami or a Wiccan high priestess on the front cover. But he was not yet aware that books with trees, brooks, and Jesus-y words on the covers can contain some of the same teachings.) My friend is now on high alert—for obvious and not so obvious false teaching—and actively helps others be more discerning. I commend this young minister’s humble heart! Though he couldn’t quite fathom the situation, he was savvy enough to know that the enemy “secretly introduce[s] destructive heresies” (2 Peter 2:1); and he loves the Lord and his Word enough to check things out. May his tribe increase!

You might want to read what Tim Challies wrote about some controversial Christian books.

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