A Not-So-Happy Day?

We are saved by the blood of the Lamb/blood of Jesus. But that concept is a problem if you’re trying to mix all the world religions. Some time ago I saw a TV special about the importance of music in world faiths. (This was an episode of the Global Spirit series, titled “Sound of the Soul.”) The subtle message was that all religions are on the same spiritual page, merely various expressions to “connect with the divine.”

I was disappointed in the Christian music featured. There was a song honoring the Virgin Mary. Other people from Ireland beautifully sang what was maybe an ancient Christian hymn, but the archaic words weren’t understandable. The essence of Christianity was not being conveyed. After several numbers representing world religions, near the very end a black gospel choir began singing “Oh Happy Day.” (Finally! Now we were getting somewhere! I thought.) But the camera cut out after the “Oh happy day” phrase. The camera came back a time or two but only to hit “Oh happy day”—we never got to the words “when Jesus washed my sins away.” The show ended.

It seemed to me that we had been on the receiving end of clever marketing for interspirituality. We were to conclude that all world religions create a happy day. And in this feel-good moment…well, I wondered how many viewers even noticed that the Lord Jesus had been cut out of the message.

At that point, I listened to a rendition of “Oh Happy Day” (performed by the songwriter himself!). You know, to get the good part stuck in my head.

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