Jesus: More Than a Carpenter

Since there’s been a flow of people leaving the Lord—(though they might describe themselves as “leaving the church”)—let’s look at one of the causes.

As I addressed in this post and this post, one of the main reasons is that people have decided the Bible isn’t true. By implication, that ultimately leads to thinking that Jesus wasn’t who he claimed to be—or that he was “just a good teacher,” like founders of world religions.

My “Recommended” page includes a number of sources that provide information/evidence on making a case for Christianity, defending the faith. I already include apologist Josh McDowell there, but today I’m particularly noting his little book about Jesus, More Than a Carpenter, first published in 1977 (bazillions sold!). The updated version names Josh’s son Sean as cowriter.

Though I’ve not read the newer version of the book, I just recently reread my old copy. Wow, it’s still so good! Easy for absolutely anyone to understand … but lots of concise, hard evidence and documentation about who Jesus is. The book would be excellent to beef up your own understanding, as well as being an inexpensive starter resource to share with friends. This book should be extra credible to skeptics because Josh himself started out with the idea of disproving Christianity!

Over the years, Josh has addressed countless audiences, including no small number of doubting or outright hostile college students. He knows his stuff, and I’m a longtime fan of his. (When we lived in Japan long ago, my husband used the Japanese translation of More Than a Carpenter in an Introduction to Christianity class he taught at a local university.)

May the Lord bless and protect bold guys like Josh and Sean as they press on! (I’ve added Sean’s website to my “Recommended” page as well.)

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